Keep Your Retro Sneakers Looking Good With These Five Tips

Posted on: 17 March 2016

When you've got a pair of retro sneakers, you might be even more eager to keep your sneakers clean, as they aren't the newest model being sold in stores and might be harder to find. However, if you know how to keep them looking good, you'll feel more confident that you can wear your retro sneakers whenever you like. Use these suggestions for keeping your retro sneakers clean and wearable. [Read More]

Easy Easter Projects For A Homey Holiday

Posted on: 15 March 2016

Get in the spirit this spring with some simple and inexpensive Easter projects that are as fun to make as they are to give away. Add some of your store-bought holiday decorations for sale to these homemade projects for crafts that make perfect Easter gifts for friends and family. Consider these three ideas: Clever candy-baskets. Instead of opting for a store-bought basket, create your own edible variety quite easily. Use packages of Easter candy, movie-theater boxes work well, and hot-glue together to form a square. [Read More]

What Symbols Should Appear On A Mason Ring?

Posted on: 9 March 2016

The masonic ring can be described as a signet ring. In centuries past, such rings were used to emboss the wax seals used on official documents. However, as communication methods have changed, the need for such rings has shifted. Rather than showing that a document is official, a signet ring, such as those worn by masons, authenticates the person as a member of the masonic fraternity. Official rings should thus have certain symbols in order to be considered authentic. [Read More]

Custom Vs. Temporary Framing For Posters

Posted on: 9 March 2016

Are you thinking of finally getting your favorite posters framed instead of just taping them up on your wall? Framing pictures, even ones that are obviously posters you had up on your dorm room wall, makes them look nicer and makes your home look more like it was professionally decorated. However, permanently installing the posters in custom frames, instead of placing them in generic frames that you buy at craft stores, comes with a few considerations. [Read More]