Activities That Will Assist With Raising Funds For An Upcoming Field Trip For Preschoolers

Posted on: 16 September 2016

If you work at a preschool and are in charge of raising funds for an upcoming field trip, consider the following ideas to assist with reaching the monetary goal that you have set. Family members and friends of each student who is enrolled, as well as local citizens of the community, may be willing to support the good cause and take part in each of the activities that you have planned.

T-Shirt Decorating Workshop

Host a t-shirt decorating workshop at the preschool. Purchase some inexpensive t-shirts that have the name of the preschool that you work at printed on the pockets or one of the upper corners of the front of each shirt. Arrange a couple of tables in one of the classrooms for individuals to decorate shirts on. Supply iron-on transfers, craft paint, stencils, glue, glitter, or any other decorations.

Create flyers that list the date and time of the t-shirt decorating workshop and the cost of each shirt. Make sure that you charge a fee that will make it possible for the event to be profitable, as well as affordable. Hang the flyers up in public areas where a lot of people will see them. Send one home with each student as well. Read more about printed t-shirts here.

Bingo Games With Gift Baskets As Prizes

Advertise a bingo tournament on the front door of the preschool and print out flyers and hang them up around town. Purchase plenty of bingo cards, chips, balls with numbers on them, and a container to pull the balls in. Ask local businesses if they would like to sponsor the event by donating a gift certificate for goods that are sold at their establishments.

Purchase some inexpensive items to include as prizes. Create baskets with the gift certificates and items that were purchased. Give a basket to each person who wins a round of bingo on the day of the event.

Movie Night And Snacks

Plan a night to show family movies at the preschool. Advertise the movies that will be shown and sell tickets in advance so that you will be aware of how many seats you will need to set up on the night that the movies will be shown. With some of the proceeds that are raised, purchase popcorn, chips, candy, and beverages. Sell the food and drinks right before airing the movies. People who attend the event will enjoy the relaxing evening while they spend time with their family members or friends.