New To Vaping? 3 Vaping Tips For Beginners Who Want To Quit Smoking Cigarettes

Posted on: 18 April 2016

From heart disease to severe respiratory illnesses, the dangers of smoking cigarettes are easy to see. Unfortunately, understanding these dangers may not be enough to break this unhealthy habit. While your doctor may recommend taking prescription medications to reduce cigarette cravings, many of these medications cause complications and side effects. Thankfully, vaping can help you quit smoking without harming your health, but you may not know where to begin. Using these tips for beginner vapers, you will have the education and tools necessary to stop smoking cigarettes.

Get the Right Tools

As a beginner vaper, you must purchase the proper tools to ensure you are successful in breaking the smoking habit. Fortunately, starter kits are readily available at most local or online retailers. Starter kits will most likely include a vaporizer, two batteries, a charger, and a selection of e-liquids. These kits allow you to purchase the right tools for success without feeling overwhelmed.

Try Multiple e-Liquids

Most starter kits will include a small selection of assorted e-liquids to try. Unfortunately, most of the e-liquids will have strong flavors that may not be appealing at first. Because of this possibility, you will need to be patient and allow your taste buds time to adjust to the different flavors.

You may want to use a tobacco-flavored e-liquid at first, since that will seem like a natural choice when trying to quit smoking. However, the tobacco flavor of the e-liquid does not always match the tobacco flavor of a traditional cigarette, so you may be disappointed.

To enjoy your vaping experience and decrease your risk to going back to smoking regular cigarettes, consider using an e-liquid that contains standard and tropical fruit flavors. These flavors will appeal to most everyone, so you will have a higher chance of enjoyment.

Don't Assume Permission

Using a vaporizer may be 95 percent healthier than smoking traditional cigarettes, since they do not release any cancer-causing second hand smoke, but you should not assume they are allowed in every environment.

Most public places do not permit the use of vaporizers or e-cigs in their establishments, but they may offer an outdoor space for use. In addition, you should ask friends, family members, and co-workers for permission to use your vaporizer around them or in their personal spaces.

Bringing a vaporizer, like those from Planet Of The Vapes, out for dinner and a night out may seem ideal, but if not allowed, you may experience some anxiety. This can increase your need for curbing your nicotine habit.

Vaping is an effective option for helping you quit the dangerous habit of smoking cigarettes, but getting started can be challenging. With these tips for beginning vapers, you can increase your chances of success.