Responsibilities Of Concealed Carry Permit Holders

Posted on: 12 April 2016

If you've passed the test and received your concealed carry permit, you're now legally able to take your gun with you and put it in your purse or pocket. But with this new power also comes a lot of responsibility that can have serious consequences. Here are some tips to help you ensure that your new permit will be a benefit to you and can serve you well in situations where you may need it.

Proper Shooting Techniques

Whether you're new to owning a gun or you have not been able to practice in a while, the correct shooting technique is important so that you're able to aim and fire correctly. Stand shoulder-width apart and look through the gun's sights and not directly at the target when shooting. Take deep, controlled breaths as you prepare to fire. Breathe in slowly and then exhale when pulling the trigger. Your non-firing hand should be placed under the butt or handle of the gun to avoid injury when the chamber releases back towards your hand. Practice at a range as much as possible so you can feel confident when using your firearm and to improve your handling and accuracy.

Know The Law

Laws for concealed carry vary from state to state so it's essential that you're familiar with the current laws, particularly if you plan to visit another state. For example, if you plan to travel across several state lines, the law may be different from one state to another. You might have to have your gun lying on the front seat while driving through one state while keeping it stowed in the glove box will be fine for another. You should also never carry a loaded gun onto an airplane, even if you have a permit to carry. If you plan to fly, your firearm must be unloaded and checked in and stored inside a locked case. Knowing the laws can protect you from getting into hot water since you cannot claim ignorance as a basis for breaking them.

Use Common Sense

Often, people with a concealed carry permit feel powerful and this can be dangerous. Always keep the gun's safety in the on position and use a holster to keep it secured. When you're at home, remove the gun from your bag or clothing and keep it safely locked in a safe to avoid theft and to keep it out of the hands of children. The foundation of any responsible gun owner is to ensure its safe use and to be certain it is properly secured at all times. 

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