Toilet Handles - Shopping Tips For Property Owners

Posted on: 23 February 2023

There are a lot of plumbing parts homeowners can buy today for their properties. If you need to buy a toilet handle in particular for a bathroom, here are some shopping tips that can lead to a stress-free transaction.

Focus on Compatible Options Only

Although you have access to a lot of different toilet handles today—especially if you buy online—you only want to focus on varieties that are compatible with your specific toilet. This will ensure setup goes smoothly and that the toilet handle works out for the best long term.

What you'll need to do is find unique identification details about the toilet that you're shopping for, including its brand and model number. These details should be somewhere on the toilet. You can also consult your toilet's instruction manual if you still have it. Either way, use relevant specs to get a compatible toilet handle that works out for the best.

Verify Handle Is Comfortable

Once you make sure you have a couple of compatible toilet handle options lined up for your toilet, now you need to focus on comfort. You'll use this handle every day, so you want to have a comfortable experience when using it. Comfort is something that will be specific to you regarding these toilet handles. It's thus a good idea to find a plumbing store that has toilet handles for sale that you can hold in person. Then you can assess shapes and materials to find a toilet handle that will be comfortable to use over and over again.

Find the Right Style

You can find all sorts of styles for toilet handles today. That's because they come in different materials and colors. You just need to think about a style that you can see working out for many years. Maybe it's a chrome toilet handle or one that's completely white. 

Also, assess the theme of your bathroom before you go out shopping for a toilet handle. You can use this current theme to figure out what style will make the most sense for a toilet handle.

If you need to replace a toilet's handle in one of your bathrooms, you have so many options to consider. You can narrow them down with ease if you focus on attributes that are important, such as the comfort, aesthetics, and compatibility of different toilet handles that are on the market.  

Contact a local plumbing parts supply store to learn more.