Own Gold Jewelry? Test The Authenticity Of Gold With A Couple Different Methods

Posted on: 29 July 2015

Buying jewelry is usually something that is done according to personal style and taste. However, if you want to own real gold jewelry, you should know that much of what is on the market is filled with other metals. The authenticity of gold jewelry is important because of the price you pay for it. So, if you want to know whether or not your gold jewelry is authentic, this guide provides you with some simple ways to do this at home.

Scratch a Non-Glazed Ceramic Plate

Look around your kitchen for a non-glazed ceramic plate that you don't mind messing up a little bit. If you don't have any non-glazed varieties of old dishes, head over to the home improvement store and ask the associate to help you find a piece of unglazed ceramic tile.

Take your piece of jewelry and scratch the plate or tile with it. Look at the color of the scratch. If it is gold, then you have real gold, and not some other metal that is merely the color of gold. On the other hand, if this scratch on the plate is black, then what you have is fools gold.

Rub the Jewelry with Sweaty Hands

While sweaty hands are not necessarily a desired occurrence, use this opportunity to rub the sweat onto your gold jewelry piece that you think may not be authentic. When finished rubbing the sweat onto your jewelry, smell the piece. If you smell nothing, you have real gold. If the jewelry gives off any kind of a scent, then it is likely not real.

The sweat creates a chemical reaction, that, when mixed with non-gold medals, creates the scent. It is often times a foul smell, but it is undeniable.

Check the Color of Your Skin

If you are wearing a ring and you notice that the skin directly beneath the ring turns green or any other color, it is likely that you are not wearing real gold. Even gold-plated jewelry does not cause skin to change colors.

Keep in mind that not all skin reacts the same way to various metals. So, even though you may not have real gold, you may need to perform some of the other tests to be sure.

While these tips and tricks can help you determine whether or not the gold jewelry you already own is real, ask your jeweler for a certificate of authenticity and some sort of a guarantee that any jewelry you consider purchasing is real. If you would like further peace of mind for any jewelry that you own, consult with a jewelry buyer for a full appraisal.

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