Prescription And Non-Prescription Strength Hemp Fiber Eyewear

Posted on: 19 May 2022

Hemp fiber eyewear is made of sustainable materials. Hemp filaments are used to make environmentally-friendly frames. The hemp strands are formed into a textile that is hardened and glazed. After a pair of frames are made, hardware is used to attach frame pieces. Prescription or non-prescription lenses are secured within each pair of hemp fiber frames.

The Production Process

Hemp is occasionally grown in a controlled environment. Hemp plants are used to manufacture medicinal and industrial products. The hemp fibers that comprise a plant are used to manufacture textiles. The tenacity of long hemp strands enable the raw material to be formed into a variety of shapes. Hemp that is harvested goes through a retting process. This process involves the use of water.

As a hemp plant naturally decomposes, the seeds and outer sheath of a plant are stripped from the bundles of fibrous material that comprises the center of a hemp plant. Special brushes and other hand tools or mechanical tools are used to refine fiber strands. A prototype of a pair of frames is used as a guide, to create a line of eyewear. Hemp fiber is used to manufacture sunglasses, non-prescription reading glasses, and prescription strength eyewear products.

The Shopping Experience

Due to the composition of hemp strands, the color and clarity of a bundle of hemp may differ from other bundles. Hemp fiber possesses a unique pigmentation and texture. Many manufacturers use plants and other natural ingredients to formulate dyes that can be used to enhance a pair of hemp frames. The dyes are added to raw fiber that is being used to mass-produce a line of eyewear.

Some retailers may feature hemp eyewear that is designed for both men and women. Other retailers may feature distinct eyewear lines that have been designed solely for men or women to wear. When shopping for new glasses, a customer should consider how often the eyewear will be worn and its purpose. Sunglasses and non-prescription reading glasses will come with lenses already installed in them. Frames that are intended to be used with prescription lenses will not contain lenses when they are purchased. 

A hemp fiber eyewear manufacturer may provide protection against defects. A replacement or repair service may be offered to a consumer. When shopping for new eyewear, it is important to review the protection terms that each manufacturer offers. This includes acquiring information about where to ship glasses to, in the event that a pair of frames needs to be replaced or fixed. Look into a company like Hemp3D for more information.