Unique Host And Hostess Gifts For The Holidays

Posted on: 8 December 2016

The uptick in holiday entertaining can leave you tired of bringing the same ho-hum hostess and host gifts to every event. There are only so many bottles of wine and bouquets of flowers that one can pick out. Fortunately, you don't have to depend on these traditional stand-by items. The following are some fun and quirky gifts that show your appreciation and that your host or hostess is sure to appreciate.

The cook

If you know your host loves nothing more than to spend time in the kitchen creating gourmet delicacies, then why not bring them a gift that is sure to please? A set of gourmet spices or seasoning mixes can be highly appreciated. If a full set seems like overkill, then consider a specialty salt, such as fleur de sel, or a fancy flavored oil, such as truffle oil. Even a high quality vinegar, especially one of the much desired flavored vinegars, can be an exciting gift for a cook or foodie.

The entertainer

Wine can really be the perfect gift for those that entertain, but if you can, bring them an especially fine wine or an interesting new wine. Otherwise, focus on other things they can use for themselves or their entertaining needs. For example, if wine seems trite, why not a nice whiskey, such as a bourbon or scotch, or even a coffee liqueur for later in the evening. If your host loves to prolong the evening with coffee after cocktails, then fancy coffee beans or a box of fine teas can also help them do what they love most.

The gardener

Plant lovers rejoice! You can still bring your hostess flowers if they truly enjoy plants or working in the garden. Instead of cut flowers, though, bring them something exotic and potted, such as orchids. This way they can set it down and get back to the party, without the need to rush around looking for a vase. If your hostess has quirky taste, why not bring something a bit more fun, such as a prettily potted succulent terrarium or cactus dish garden.

The traditionalist

Some hosts love the traditions of the holidays the most, and this will be reflected in their party decor, menu, and theme. If your host fits this mold, then go traditional with your gift. Consider a designer Christmas ornament. Artisan blown glass ornaments are a sophisticated option, or you can purchase the ornament du jour from your host's favorite fashion designer. Other designer options include personalized ornaments that are hand painted to match your host's colors or are engraved with their monogram.

No matter what gift you choose, make sure it fits your host or hostess. This will ensure it goes over well.