Four Ideas For Customizing Your Graduation Stole

Posted on: 21 March 2016

Most colleges and universities provide a standard, generic stole for upcoming graduates, but you may also have the option of choosing a customized stole with a bit more flair. Stoles are the most visible part of your graduation outfit and make a perfect keepsake of your time at college, and there are a number of different options available to you. These are four common ways students choose to customize their stoles to better reflect themselves and their college experience. 

Displaying Your Involvement in Clubs and Honor Societies

Getting involved on campus is an integral way to help others and prepare for a future career. Embroidering the clubs and honor societies you have joined onto your stole is a good way to commemorate your participation while encouraging others to join them after you are gone. This especially true if you are a member of an honor society or volunteer program, or if you held a high-ranking position in your club. 

Showing Solidarity With Your Sorority or Fraternity

Similarly, sororities and fraternities often order custom stoles to show their support for their members and remind them of the lifelong relationships they have built together. These stoles typically are embroidered with the name of the fraternity or sorority, but they can also include logos or the nicknames of individual members. Coordinate with your organization to get a better idea of what is expected of your graduation decor and to learn what customization options are available to you. If your fraternity or sorority has no current plans for custom graduation stoles, you may want to discuss the possibility with your leadership. 

Representing Your Heritage

In other cases, international students or students who are proud of their ethnic heritage may choose to have their stoles reflect that. You might wear a stole in the colors of your home nation's flag or have the flag embroidered, for example, or use a pattern that is native to your cultural heritage, like a Scottish tartan. Speak with your custom graduation stole provider to get a better understanding of your options and how to incorporate your ideas into the stole. 

Showcasing Your Favorite Causes

Finally, college is a time when many young adults first discover causes they will passionately support for the rest of their lives. If you are dedicated to a particular cause or movement, such as breast cancer research, you can both proudly display your commitment while also raising awareness during the graduation ceremony. College is all about finding out who you are and deciding where you want to go next; with a custom graduation stole, you can share the results of your time as a student and announce your intentions for the future in a single, tasteful garment that you can hold onto as a reminder for the rest of your life.