Easy Easter Projects For A Homey Holiday

Posted on: 15 March 2016

Get in the spirit this spring with some simple and inexpensive Easter projects that are as fun to make as they are to give away. Add some of your store-bought holiday decorations for sale to these homemade projects for crafts that make perfect Easter gifts for friends and family. Consider these three ideas:

Clever candy-baskets.

Instead of opting for a store-bought basket, create your own edible variety quite easily. Use packages of Easter candy, movie-theater boxes work well, and hot-glue together to form a square. Add a piece of cardboard to the bottom to hold the treats.


  • Add a wrapped licorice-whip or a sleeve of gumballs for the handle; hot-glue the ends on either side of your basket.
  • Shred colored tissue or use store-bought Easter grass to pad your treats and cover up the cardboard bottom.
  • Nest plastic eggs inside, filled with goodies and give these simple gifts to friends or family!

Handmade and heartfelt notes.

Invest in some lovely Easter-themed envelopes and make a crafty and thoughtful card that will be cherished by those receiving it. This project involves making your own paper, and tucking it inside prefabricated holiday envelopes with personal messages in lieu of a store-bought card.

To make your own paper:

  • Shred paper, newspaper, and wrapping, keeping an eye on the prevalent colors to make sure it comes out in the color that you wish.
  • Soak the shredded paper in water until soggy; blend the soggy paper into a slurry solution in small batches in an electric blender.
  • Pour the blended slur on a piece of screen, propped so any excess water can run-off.
  • Shape the slur in small shapes, or cover the screen and cut the paper later to your desired size.
  • Allow the screen to fully dry, until the paper seems to pull-away from the screen.
  • Cut to fit your envelopes and use permanent markers to write your holiday message on your homemade, unique paper.

Time-saving tape wreath.

Don't let the holiday sneak by without decking-out your front door; invest in a simply foam wreath ring at an arts and craft retail venue. Use brightly colored or patterned duct-tape, and wrap around the wreath, almost like a candy-cane. Use silk flowers or ribbon to create a bow, and hang on the front door!

Put a homespun touch on the holidays this year with these easy and inexpensive Easter projects. Tuck Easter-themed candy, stationary, ribbons, and accents away and use them to complete these gifts in plenty of time for the holiday.