What Symbols Should Appear On A Mason Ring?

Posted on: 9 March 2016

The masonic ring can be described as a signet ring. In centuries past, such rings were used to emboss the wax seals used on official documents. However, as communication methods have changed, the need for such rings has shifted. Rather than showing that a document is official, a signet ring, such as those worn by masons, authenticates the person as a member of the masonic fraternity. Official rings should thus have certain symbols in order to be considered authentic.

The Compass

The compass is a tool used in geometry and architecture. The masonic fraternity goes back for centuries, and some say it extends back to the architects and workers who built Solomon's temple. The compass is used to create circles, and some say that it is a symbol for the expanse of heaven. In any case, it should appear over the letter "G" on a Masonic ring. 

The Square

A square is a tool used to create right angles. Again, it not only represents a link to the ancient origins of masonry, but it also has symbolic value to masons. The square represents honor in upholding the principles of the fraternity and may also represent the four corners of the earth. It should appear beneath the "G" on a masonic ring, and its legs should cross behind the legs of the compass. 

The Letter "G"

While some jurisdictions of masons do not include the letter "G" in their seals, American masons do. The letter is said to represent the word "God" or the "Great Architect." 

Other Symbols

Members are encouraged to choose the design of their own ring, so you may see other symbols on the sides of a masonic ring, but as for the face of the ring itself, the three symbols described above are the only ones that are considered necessary. They are usually made out of the same material as the body of the ring and super-imposed over a gemstone of some type. 

Masons will wear their signet ring proudly as a way to declare their membership in this ancient fraternity. Traditionally, there are several stages of membership within the masonic organization, and only those who have reached the level of master mason are allowed to wear a signet ring. Those who have not yet reached full membership may wear jewelry that contains some masonic symbols, but they should wait to buy mason rings until they reach the highest level of membership.