Ways To Enhance Video Production

Posted on: 7 March 2016

If you are trying to make a video for advertising purposes, you need to be aware of the short attention span that many viewers have. If your video goes on for too long or seems boring, people are going to abandon it and all of the time and money that you spent on the video is going to be for nothing. One way to improve your chances to get viewers to sit through your entire video is to improve the production quality. Here are some tips for improving production quality.

1. Don't Skimp on Audio

If you are going to be conducting an interview or have people speak on camera, you need to make sure that you have mics that are close enough to their face so the audio can be heard clearly, but also hidden so the shot is not ruined. If you don't do this, people are going to have a hard time hearing what's going on in the video and will likely abandon it because people are often unwilling to deal with less-than-great audio. Make sure the music lines up with what's going on in the film and, should you choose to dub it later, the dub matches perfectly with the moving mouth of the person who is speaking.

2. White Balance Your Camera

If you white balance your camera, you are ensuring that all of the colors that you see in real life are as closely duplicated in the camera as possible. It is possible for your camera to be too yellow or blue balanced and for everything to come out looking like it has been dipped in one of those two colors. In order to deal with this problem, simply make sure that the camera that you use to film has manual white balancing functions that will allow you to manually adjust the color filters on the camera until the colors look the way they look in real life.

Don't rely on the automatic white balancing option because it is not nearly as reliable. Make sure that you rebalance the camera every time you move from an inside location to an outside location or vice versa because the light is going to change significantly and change the colors that are coming in.

If you would like a video with a better quality picture and more appealing audio, consider speaking to a professional video production company.