Alternatives To Goose Down Comforters

Posted on: 1 March 2016

During the season of frigid temperatures, just thinking of down bedding can bring a glow to your cheeks and a tingle to your toes. Everyone who lives in a cold climate would probably embrace down if they could, but it does have a few drawbacks, including price and allergic reactions, that eliminate it as a choice for many. Fortunately, choosing a down alternative provides you with several benefits.


As comfy and luxurious as down is, it can be an irritant for those people suffering from allergies. They may develop breathing difficulties along with itching and other discomforts. This reaction happens because feathers deteriorate after a period of time, leading people to inhale the particles. Sore throats and runny noses will pretty much ruin your enjoyment of a comforter's warmth. A down alternative will be resistant to the dust mites who thrive in down, allowing you to enjoy the comfort while avoiding the sniffles. 


Down comforters do last for many years when properly cared for, but they also require dry cleaning, an expensive proposition over a span of years. These items should not get wet, so they make a poor choice for a child's bed or your bed if your children occasionally sleep with you. Down alternatives are easy to wash and hold up well over the years. In many homes, they are the practical choice.


Hypoallergenic options to down are readily available. Often, people will choose a synthetic polyester fiber that is lightweight and will not cause an adverse physical reaction. Some of these comforters now contain gel fibers that are lightweight, comfortable, and feel quite a bit like down. If you are still in search for a natural material, experts recommend that you choose a material like silk, bamboo, or buckwheat hull. In the past, comforters that tried to mimic down just could not recreate the unique feel of the material. The contemporary alternatives come much closer to matching the comfort of duck and goose down items. 

Goose and duck down comforters are lovely, comfortable choices that can bring you comfort for years; however, they just do not work for everyone. In addition to their price, which can be expensive, they cause actual physical symptoms for some users. If you like to wash your king or queen comforter sets regularly, down items may not work for you. A down alternative can give you the comfort of down while saving you money and inconvenience.