How To Sell Gold Jewelry Online

Posted on: 28 December 2015

If you have a piece or two of gold jewelry that you would like to sell online, you can do the following to research and sell your jewelry:

  • Examine and Weigh Your Jewelry - Note the karat designation of your gold jewelry (10k, 14k, or 18k) that is stamped on the inside or reverse side. Weight your gold jewelry. If you do not have a gram scale, go to a local jewelry store and ask them to weigh your jewelry for you. 
  • Photograph Your Jewelry - Take a few good pictures of your jewelry. You do not have to be a professional photographer to do this. Get a large piece of plain white paper and tape the top of one edge to a wall next to a table. Let the paper hang down and softly bend onto the table without folding so that there are no bumps or angles in the paper. This will create a seamless backdrop for your photos. Be sure your table is getting plenty of natural sunlight from a window or from being placed outdoors in the direct sun. If you do not have available sun, you can place two lamps on either side of your backdrop paper to light the photo area. Place your piece of jewelry onto the middle of your backdrop paper. Get as close as possible to your piece of jewelry with your camera without blurring the piece. Take a few pictures of your piece from different angles. 
  • Research Jewelry Prices - Research several online jewelry stores and look for similar pieces of jewelry. Note the prices that similar jewelry pieces are priced. It is best to price your jewelry within a similar price range. Do not price your jewelry more than other similar pieces are priced, as that will make your jewelry too difficult to sell. Do not undercut the current price of other similar pieces as it will appear that something may be wrong with the piece. 
  • Write a Description of Your Jewelry Piece - Write a short, precise, and thorough description of your piece of jewelry. Use accurate and descriptive keywords mentioning the karat weight of the gold and the type of gemstones, if it has any. This description and the keywords you use are important because this is how potential buyers will search for your jewelry online so be very accurate when describing your jewelry. 
  • Offer Your Jewelry for Sale Online - You can connect with potential online gold buyers on various marketplace websites. You will have to join these sites and become a member in order to sell your jewelry there. Upload photos of your jewelry to these websites along with your descriptions. These websites will charge a percentage of your selling price to show your jewelry on their site. You can raise your sale price so that you make enough profit to cover this fee. 

Selling gold jewelry online is not difficult, but it does require some thought and research beforehand. Start with one or two pieces to see if you like it and what is needed to streamline the process. With some due diligence and experimentation, you can sell your gold jewelry online. It is an exciting activity that you may learn to love. For more information on selling your gold, consider contacting companies like Revell JH Jewelers And Goldsmith.