During Cold Weather Exercise, Protect Your Ears

Posted on: 8 October 2015

Exercising in the cold weather isn't that bad sometimes. Even though it's cold, the sun can be out, the wind can be refreshing and calm, and the scenery can be beautiful. Then the other days come. It's cold and windy and snowing and the sun hasn't been seen for days.

Cold wind can be especially brutal on ears. After just a few minutes, your ears can start to ache. A polar fleece headband is a perfect accessory to winter sports (which can count digging out your car from the latest snowstorm!). Here are some situations for which you might wish to utilize a headband in the cold winter weather and some for which a different type of head warmer might be best.


A polar fleece headband will keep heat on your forehead, ears, and neck. This is great so that your ears don't get cold. If you are doing an outside activity that isn't too cardiovascular, such as riding a snowmobile or watching your kids play in the snow, a polar fleece headband will be just right.

However, if you are doing some heavy shoveling or other outside activity, the headband can cause your head to get a little too toasty. During running or cross country skiing, you might have to lift the headband above your ears for a minute so that the excess heat can escape. But that beats having frozen ears when you get back inside!

Not a Hat

The polar fleece headband is not a hat, and that is a big pro for people who don't look good in hats, who don't want their hair messed up, or who simply don't like toboggan hats. The headband does its job of keeping your ears warm without all the bulk of a hat. This is especially great for sports. If you are snowmobiling or skiing, you are most likely wearing a helmet. A bulky toboggan hat isn't going to fit underneath a helmet, and if it does, it could impact the way the helmet protects your head. A polar fleece headband allows you to keep your ears warm without giving up your necessary sporting protection.

The downside of a headband is that there is no top, so if you are outside for a long period of time, heat is going to be released from the top of your head into the atmosphere. For those who are hair challenged (AKA bald), a headband might not be the greatest choice of winter headgear! If you are just standing outside (like at a football game), it might be best to go with a full toboggan hat in the dead of winter.

Polar fleece headbands are a great choice of winter headgear. It is important to protect yourself from the elements, whether you are just taking a brief walk or spending five hours skiing down a mountain.