Can't Get Away For The Weekend? 4 Ways To Create A Romantic Getaway In Your Own Backyard

Posted on: 28 September 2015

You've been dreaming of a romantic getaway for you and your partner. Just when you had enough room in your budget, an emergency pops up and empties out your savings. Now you're stuck at home with no hope of a vacation. Don't worry. With a little imagination, you can create the perfect getaway right in your own backyard.

Bring on the Mood Lighting

To begin your romantic evening, you need plenty of mood lighting. That's where candles and hanging candle lanterns come in. Set the mood by placing candles on the ground to light the path. Continue the mood by hanging lanterns from the trees. To increase the appeal, weave twinkling holiday lights throughout the yard.

You'll Need Privacy

A private room is next on the list for a romantic getaway. You don't have to look any farther than the tent you probably have in your garage. Choose a secluded corner in the yard and set the tent up. Place an inflatable bed inside the tent and cover it with fresh linens. Fill the space with plenty of pillows. Don't forget to hang some twinkling lights in the tent. They'll add just enough light to increase the romantic feel of the space.

Don't Forget Room Service

Don't let the fact that you're in your backyard stop you from enjoying room service.  While you're planning your getaway, make a list of the restaurants that deliver in your area. When it's time to eat, simply place your order and have them make the delivery to the back gate. No one will know you have food – even if your kids are inside the house. Not sure you want to have food delivered to your home? Simply set up your BBQ and grill a romantic dinner for two.

Enjoy the Romance of a Hot Tub

If you want to turn the romance up a notch, you can rent a hot tub for the weekend. You can have it delivered and set up right in your own backyard. When you're done with it, the company will come out and take it away. Don't forget to add floating candles and some essential oils to increase the romantic mood.

It can be difficult to plan a romantic getaway, especially when family and budget issues keep getting in the way. If you and your partner need some time alone, look no further than your own backyard. The ideas presented above will help you plan for a low-cost backyard getaway for the two of you.